McAfee’s Total Protection Service Is a Total Let Down

First, let me start by saying McAfee’s Total Protection Service is a total piece of shit. If you value your time, sanity, and the security of your machines – do not purchase this product. At least not yet. The current versions suck so hard I actually ate the loss money-wise and got rid of this fucking joke of a service / product. I spent more time helping their “support” groups troubleshoot the clearly released-to-soon turd than I did not worrying about threats to machines.

What makes this kind of funny / sad / frustrating is the graphic they use to help sell this heap of fuck.
McAfee Total Let Down Service
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Yea. I do have the knowledge, but don’t have the time for this. That’s why I mistakenly chose your piece of shit product / service. Instead of concentrating on all the other tasks I need to take care of. I’m constantly in contact with you and un-installing and re-installing (in various ways) this pathetic excuse for protection. I’ve wasted more time on this than I have anything… ever – that’s remarkable in itself. You fail so miserably I cannot put it into words. Take your shit back to the production team and tell them they suck so hard that instead of outsourcing all this to India, you’re going to outsource it to a middle school in Ohio.
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You May Want To Revise Your Travel Checklist

Now that the US is becoming more and more like a police state everyday, and that fact is finally starting to be recognized, you may want to revise your typical checklist for traveling.

There’s no doubt in mind that if the person in the video below was not filming, they would have been dragged out of their vehicle, detained, and harassed. Granted the video is rather annoying and it would have been much easier to simply comply with authority’s demands, this video does actually portray a US citizen exercising their rights. Government doesn’t like when you exercise your rights, so they try to impede it every chance they get. Much of this authority is placed on the individual, not necessarily a standard procedure.

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