A-Pod: Ant Inspired Hexapod Bobot

This is just begging for a nice commercial jingle.

A-Pod is an ant inspired hexapod robot with a 2 DOF abdomen (tail), a 3 DOF head with large mandibles. 6 legs with 3 DOF each. Total 25 servos. This video demonstrates body movement and mandible control. I still have to do some mechanical improvements to the legs (therefore little walking). The robot are remotely controlled with a custom 2,4 GHz RC transmitter.

Here is a link that documents the build

Radiohead’s New Video, Now With Frickin’ Lasers!

Radiohead seems to love technology as much as music. Cool. What’s even cooler is now you can go interact with a 3D version at Google!

In Radiohead’s new video for “House of Cards”, no cameras or lights were used. Instead, 3D plotting technologies collected information about the shapes and relative distances of objects. The video was created entirely with visualizations of that data.