Good God: The Right Is So Wrong

I’ve never understood how religious people who claim abortion is murder, yet find it absolutely okay to murder someone who has been born. Talk about being confused.

This has been going on for ages, but today it comes into light again as Dr. George Tiller was assassinated while entering church this morning. He was pro-choice. You can bet your life, that his life was ended by a pro-life proponent. How messed up is that?

I’m very tired of the people who claim to be “religious” acting so backwards and feeling justified as long as it fits within their terms at the moment. What makes it even more disgusting is actually reading their comments.

This shows exactly what most people who claim to be “religious” or “leaning right” have completely wrong. I’d like to be able to think like them for just 1 week and stone all of them to death like other religious fanatics – if only for the sole cause is they believe something I do not. That would in my eyes just be merely turning the tables. You want eye for an eye? Please, let us follow this rule and you will see most of you religious nut bags would be dead as most of you have some sort of severely criminal background – most notably you molesting children.

You sicken me and many others. I hope, like you do your opponents, you rot in the hell you so much believe in.