Billy Corgan Sings Some AC/DC on the Street

Okay. So in Smashing Pumpkins’ early days, I really liked them. After awhile, they took a slightly different direction that I didn’t really find all that interesting and I stopped paying attention. However, even with all Billy Corgan’s faults, I still have to respect the dude and his own artistic endeavors – no matter if I find them appealing or not.

The cool thing about this is you can tell Corgan just improved this on the streets of Italy by chance. While one could never recreate the awesomeness of AC/DC singing their own songs, you have to give the guy props for doing it on a whim. I’m willing to bet he is a subscriber to XM Radio as they currently have a promotional all AC/DC station. Sirius might have as well, but I can’t confirm that at this time.

CenturyTel DSL + LinkSys WRT54G Router

So I just switched ISPs and am now with CenturyTel. When they came to install the filters on my lines the technician noticed my router and said that they did not support it so I would have to configure that myself. A quick search online proved that others were having a hard time setting up their existing router to their new DSL connection as well. Here is basically how I did mine.

The problem was that the router’s default IP address was The new DSL modem also uses this same IP address by default. So there’s the conflict. Two different appliances using the same IP address.

You need to change the router’s default IP address to something else ( so there is no conflict for both devices. I kept the router’s Internet connection type as “Automatic Configuration – DHCP” and gave “” as the domain name. I kept the DSL modem set as a “PPPoE” connection. Went back to the router and did a “DHCP Release” and then a “DHCP Renew” and viola – I connecting to the Internet via the router.

You can also follow LinkSys instructions here – that are slightly different than what I did. I’m guessing with their instruction, you will need to tell your modem to be a “Bridge” instead of a “PPPoE”

Beware: Schuncks Sucks Balls

The Schnucks store located at 577 Mid Rivers Mall Drive in Saint Peters, MO 63376 is the worst grocery store I have ever been to. It didn’t used to be, but in the last year or so it has just gotten worse and worse – to the point that we now drive out of our way to go to another grocery store. Here is a list of just some of the things that make this store the worst we have ever seen.

  • On several different occasions we purchased food only to find out some of the items have long since expired. We almost fed that unsafe food to our kid, thanks to this stores grocery manager not doing their job. And when we went to return the expire items, an employee happened to be walking by and asked “oh, is that expired too?” That means this store clearly knows they have been selling expired food and have done nothing to correct it.
  • On several different occasions the store was completely out of items such as: mustard, various frozen foods, and other items. All of these items were standard items, none of them would be considered specialty. Who runs out of mustard? Schnucks, that’s who!
  • We needed the help of customer service to exchange a propane tank. Nobody had keys to the cages. They called an employee at home to see if they had the keys and got no answer. We waited for no less than 10 minutes before they found a key.
  • On another separate occasion we needed the help of customer service to bring a key to get in the pathetic excuse they call a liquor cabinet. The employee at the customer service counter said they would meet us there in just 1 minute. Again, after no less than 10 minutes and us watching the customer service employee just standing behind the counter doing absolutely nothing, we left our groceries right there in the isle and left.

Fuck that shithole of a grocery store. I’ve been to flea markets that were better organized.

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