CenturyTel DSL + LinkSys WRT54G Router

So I just switched ISPs and am now with CenturyTel. When they came to install the filters on my lines the technician noticed my router and said that they did not support it so I would have to configure that myself. A quick search online proved that others were having a hard time setting up their existing router to their new DSL connection as well. Here is basically how I did mine.

The problem was that the router’s default IP address was The new DSL modem also uses this same IP address by default. So there’s the conflict. Two different appliances using the same IP address.

You need to change the router’s default IP address to something else ( so there is no conflict for both devices. I kept the router’s Internet connection type as “Automatic Configuration – DHCP” and gave “centurytel.net” as the domain name. I kept the DSL modem set as a “PPPoE” connection. Went back to the router and did a “DHCP Release” and then a “DHCP Renew” and viola – I connecting to the Internet via the router.

You can also follow LinkSys instructions here – that are slightly different than what I did. I’m guessing with their instruction, you will need to tell your modem to be a “Bridge” instead of a “PPPoE”

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