The Most Comma Laden 52 Words In History

I’m pretty sure I just ran across the most comma laden 52 words in history.

WHEN HE WAS 12 YEARS OLD, PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN saw a local production of “All My Sons” near his home in Rochester, and it was, for him, one of those rare, life-altering events where, at an impressionable age, you catch a glimpse of another reality, a world that you never imagined possible.

Good god. I appreciate Philip Seymour Hoffman as an actor, but this sentence just lacks all kinds of integrity even though it puts Hoffman in a nice light.
Fine job, indeed. I’m no grammer-nazi but I just couldn’t look past this first sentence. The entire first sentence read to me like it was William Shatner speaking and the commas were used for pauses.


Merry Christmas from Bailey the Unknown Reindeer

Just in time for the holidays, here’s a dog having a blast in the deep snow.

I shot this video on VHS-C in my backyard, near Ward, Colorado (8,700′ elevation) during a blizzard in the late 1990’s; a local weatherman said it was the most measureable snow (if memory serves, it was 54″ in 48 hours) from the least amount of moisture ever. Sadly, Bailey died FAR too young in a house fire on December 26, 1998 so this is all I have left but, truly, she was unique–she was also a self-taught skier, ice skater, and first-class snuggler. Anyway, I’m glad she is now bringing as much pleasure to you as she continues to bring to me. Cheers to dogs, and to all those that love them! Please be well and Happy Holidays!!!

[via: baileyandfriends]