The Most Comma Laden 52 Words In History

I’m pretty sure I just ran across the most comma laden 52 words in history.

WHEN HE WAS 12 YEARS OLD, PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN saw a local production of “All My Sons” near his home in Rochester, and it was, for him, one of those rare, life-altering events where, at an impressionable age, you catch a glimpse of another reality, a world that you never imagined possible.

Good god. I appreciate Philip Seymour Hoffman as an actor, but this sentence just lacks all kinds of integrity even though it puts Hoffman in a nice light.
Fine job, indeed. I’m no grammer-nazi but I just couldn’t look past this first sentence. The entire first sentence read to me like it was William Shatner speaking and the commas were used for pauses.


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