Worst Ice Cream Flavors Ever

Garlic Ice CreamSeveral weeks ago while eating lunch, someone had mentioned garlic ice cream. Of course everyone cringed, then I mentioned popcorn ice cream. Both of these flavors of ice cream do actually exist – believe it or not. So that got me thinking of some of the worst ice cream flavors.

The other day, my wife ordered a veggie sandwich for lunch and was mistakenly given another persons order. It wasn’t until she got back to work that she found she had a sandwich filled with steak and onions, pretty much the exact opposite of what she wanted.

As I listened to her be pissed at her sandwich, I started teasing her about onions – and that’s when it came to me… onion ice cream! Oh man, that makes my stomach turn just thinking about it. Before I started to make a list of the most horrific ice cream flavors, I decided to see if someone had beat me to it. And thanks to the Internet, they in fact did.

I present to you, 101 Frightening Ice Cream Flavors From Around The World.

Fact or Fiction?: Birds (and Other Critters) Abandon Their Young at the Slightest Human Touch

bird_in_hand.jpgAccording to Scientific American, Inc., this is a myth. Birds do not abandon their young as a consequence of smelling a human scent. But they will abandon their offspring and nest in response to disturbance. So, you can probably safely pick-up a baby bird that has fallen from it’s nest, but you probably shouldn’t be messing around with the nest itself.

(Source: Scientific American, Inc.)

Know When To Quit, and When Not To

Setting fantasy dream jobs and aspirations aside, the article “Know When To Quit, and When Not To” at LifeReboot.com takes a cut and dry view of the typical work market and shows that there are alternatives – no matter what you’ve been taught.

The article is a simple read. It won’t tell you how you should live or work, or tell you that if you follow a certain guideline – you will be happier or make more money. Instead, it gives you a real life example of someone who changed his own life by setting a goal he determined to be important to himself. It gives you an example not to follow, but to possibly learn from in your own terms.

Personally, I was raised during the times when parents taught their children that working hard in a stable position at a reputable company will give you the means to “live life”. Have a house, buy a car, raise a child, retire with your spouse, etc.

Unfortunately, that is old logic. Business does not work like that anymore. Instead of working for your family, you are working for the business at which you work. Your family and well being is not on any companies agenda – nor the governments agenda. You are simply a number, a means by which someone other than yourself or your family will reap the benefits from. Today’s world requires a different way of thinking. And this article just may inspire you to make the necessary changes in your life to move towards your goal. Or it may not, you be the judge.