In case you’re not familiar, this is one of many latest trends in the “web 2.0” world.
For example, Lightbox JS is a rather simple script that produces an effect when clicking a specified link on a page. It makes that page appear to be in the background (un-usable) while highlighting an image or some other content.

Many “up-beat” commercial sites are using this technique.


This Type of Person Fixes Most Peoples Computers

Now that your mothers, fathers, and even grandparents are using computers – there are tons of businesses out there ready to rip them off from their hard earned money. Could be a shoddy technician, could be an over zealous salesman, or it could be anyone trying to make a buck.

These companies prey upon people who are not knowledgeable or are not (incorrectly) labeled as “geeks”, hence the company names like “Geek Squad.” In all truthfulness, these companies hire employees that just barely have more knowledge than your average user. They know very little and their knowledge is very specific to a very specific problem. In most cases (at best) you are dealing with someone who is making a poorly educated guess and is more likely to rummage through your computer and it’s contents rather than pinpoint the problem and provide the best possible solution, without an ulterior motive.

In Marketplace’s season premiere, host Erica Johnson turns technology on the techs, catching computer repairers red-handed as they misdiagnose, overprice and violate the privacy of consumers.

Most Parents of Today Suck

There are unlimited amounts of proof of poor parenting, this just happens to be one of those pieces that says parents of today suck. The new Book “Stop Dressing Your Six Year Old Like a Skank” makes some think of beauty pageants for toddlers and Jean Benet Ramsey.

Among pint-sized cheerleaders, itty-bitty beauty queens, and in the malls of America, the sassy-sexy look isn’t just for teens anymore.

Some say younger girls are going shorter and barer — taking their cues from characters like the Cheetah Girls, the Pussycat Dolls and the Bratz dolls — and some observers are saying they’ve had enough.

Celia Rivenbark, a mom who hit her breaking point with the shrinking fashions, wrote a book called, “Stop Dressing Your Six Year Old Like a Skank.”

“The moms are buying it, the dads are buying and maybe on some level the parents think, ‘Oh that’s cute, that’s harmless, that’s innocent’ — but I don’t think it is,” Rivenbank said. “The children are wearing them down.”

And psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardere warns that how a child dresses as young as age three can have serious consequences.

“You can be doing real damage to your child,” Gardere said. “They are forming their taste at a very young age. They can hurt their futures. They can hurt their reputations, their chances for success.”