Exposing the PR Firms Behind the Fake “Grass Roots” Anti-Healthcare Movement

Dear Uneducated, Elderly, Closet Racists, et al.

As it stands now, the proposed healthcare system is not going to kill you or any other baby boomers. Pull your head out of your ass and stop accepting the garbage you are being force fed.

The Union

When are people going to get it? I’ve stayed away from posting anything like this because it has become cliche. But at this point I think it’s time to keep punching idiots in the face with facts until they swallow the medicine and become at least a little bit informed and maybe slightly more intelligent. Stop the lying, stop the disinformation, educate yourself.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized

There are a lot of people who don’t understand the “credit crisis” that helped to bring the US economy grinding to a halt. This short animated version by Jonathan Jarvis gives a very simplified view that many are more likely to understand.

The goal of giving form to a complex situation like the credit crisis is to quickly supply the essence of the situation to those unfamiliar and uninitiated.

Part 1

Part 2

Fox News – Too Many of You Believe It

Faux NewsIf your main source of news is from Fox News (Faux News), you’re probably considered one of the “sheeple” – a NeoCon who is completely out of touch and like having your information force-fed to you with a favorable slant.

There is simply too much evidence to post, so I’ll just post the latest I came across in hopes that at least one of you Fox News Faux News supporters will take a second to really digest what you’re being force-fed and use your own intellect to comprehend what you’re being told.

For instance, Keith Olbermann discussing Betsy McCaughey (R) claiming that the new stimulus plan contained health technology language that let the federal government “monitor” patient care in order to “guide your doctor’s decisions.” If she and other Fox News watchers knew how to read and think for themselves, and could just step away from the “spin” for a second, I’m not so sure this would be news at all.

For you Fox News supporters, don’t even try to make the argument that Keith Olbermann got his start on CNN and ESPN – you’re main Fox News lover boy Bill O’Reilly got his start on Inside Edition. Which is a better background? Tabloid, papparazi, Hollywood tale obsessed Bill or factual figures Keith?