Asshole Lobbyist at Work

What a dick!Meet Paul Miller, he’s just one of the many assholes that helped your government take control of every aspect of your life. Recently, he was quoted as saying:

“I don’t think the way you advocate is to put everything online and say, ‘All right American people, weigh in on that,’ because then what’s next?” Miller asked. “Are we going to let the American people decide our defense policy, our trade policy, our immigration policy?”


Seriously? He said that?
Yes. He did. He is supposed to be working for “the people”, but clearly he does not understand what the people want nor how our democratic society was founded and is supposed to work. Instead, this dickhead took it upon himself to force his own opinions – regardless of what anyone else might have to say. His statement above alone shows the type of character he has. It also shows he does not have anyone’s best interests in mind besides his own. This is your typical greedy, shady, untrustworthy politician at work.

Yes. Yes we do expect the American public to decide these sort of things. And since you do not recognize that fact and the aspect of the majority – you sir are a worthless dickhead. The kind we need to silence and get rid of.