Out of Touch

Pretty much everyone knows by now that the MSM (Mainstream Media) is completely out of touch with the majority of this country and the world. But here’s even more proof of just how bad they are – always a day late and a dollar short.

They picked up on an Internet meme that started in 2007 and has since become cliche. They are just now using it as a vehicle to make themselves seem “hip” and in the now. They couldn’t have been any further from the truth. They don’t even understand Internet memes, which is why they tried to couple their version of a Rickroll by accompanying it with Fosters cartoon characters on a parade float – thinking they were hitting a wide demographic and appealing to them. Sorry, no. They just looked stupid and guaranteed they’d be identified only with “sheeple” and not the more savvy demographic they were hoping for.

Beware: Charter TV Sucks Balls

For the love of all that’s holy, I can’t believe how bad Charter sucks. I had Charter Internet and TV. I ended up dropping their Internet service because it rarely worked and when it did, I never got the speeds I was paying for. Considering all my horrible experiences with Charter, I didn’t dare try their telephone service, though they certainly tried to sell me on it enough. Even better, they would try to sell me their phone service while I was calling in to confirm that their other services were once again down. Even better, when I called to cancel my service and told them why, they still tried to sell me their other services. I realize they’re reading from a script but come on, I couldn’t help but to laugh audibly and ask them if they were really that stupid.

Well now that I’m free of their crappy Internet service, now I’m noticing their TV service is just getting worse and worse. You can’t watch a full movie, game, or even the local news without having pauses, stutters, pixelation, etc. I seriously don’t understand how this shitball company stays in business (minus the various market monopolies they have) by providing such horrible services. I can’t wait for the day when Charter absolutely fails in the market so hard they are bought out.

I really don’t want to have a satellite installed on my roof, but I don’t see any other option at this point. I had better quality TV with old school rabbit ear antennas than I do with cable TV from Charter. There just aren’t enough options in our area, which is in no way considered “the sticks.” This place is well developed, matter of fact it’s over developed. This just shows how long Charter (previously TCI) had a monopoly in the area and only one other company is just now starting to play catch-up. So without choice, people are stuck with the only option available. When a new option arises, everyone is rightfully skeptical and wait to make any changes. Well, I for one am glad I’ve started to make changes and at this point, I’m certain I will be making more.