This Type of Person Fixes Most Peoples Computers

Now that your mothers, fathers, and even grandparents are using computers – there are tons of businesses out there ready to rip them off from their hard earned money. Could be a shoddy technician, could be an over zealous salesman, or it could be anyone trying to make a buck.

These companies prey upon people who are not knowledgeable or are not (incorrectly) labeled as “geeks”, hence the company names like “Geek Squad.” In all truthfulness, these companies hire employees that just barely have more knowledge than your average user. They know very little and their knowledge is very specific to a very specific problem. In most cases (at best) you are dealing with someone who is making a poorly educated guess and is more likely to rummage through your computer and it’s contents rather than pinpoint the problem and provide the best possible solution, without an ulterior motive.

In Marketplace’s season premiere, host Erica Johnson turns technology on the techs, catching computer repairers red-handed as they misdiagnose, overprice and violate the privacy of consumers.

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