You May Want To Revise Your Travel Checklist

Now that the US is becoming more and more like a police state everyday, and that fact is finally starting to be recognized, you may want to revise your typical checklist for traveling.

There’s no doubt in mind that if the person in the video below was not filming, they would have been dragged out of their vehicle, detained, and harassed. Granted the video is rather annoying and it would have been much easier to simply comply with authority’s demands, this video does actually portray a US citizen exercising their rights. Government doesn’t like when you exercise your rights, so they try to impede it every chance they get. Much of this authority is placed on the individual, not necessarily a standard procedure.

But in today’s world, if you are recording the incident – it’s much more likely that the encounter will be less offensive and intrusive than if you were not recording. Keep in mind that sometimes, recording will only increase the level of disdain you may face. It’s a hard world.

If the government is going to be recording you, shouldn’t you be recording the government?
It is up to the citizens to keep their government in check – and we have failed. We have failed for so long now that it is seemingly impossible to believe the “people” can regain control. When things spin so far out of control, then only hope left is what equates to a revolution.

P.S. Sorry for the annoying as hell “photo snap shot” sounds in the video. The moron that edited this thought it’d be a “neat” idea. Nope. It’s just dumb and annoying. You fail.

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