Wrestling Rape Move

Most everyone has seen pictures of wrestling where someone is getting a set of balls to the face, someone is reaching where they shouldn’t, etc. It’s easy ammunition for the “wrestling is gay” cliche. However, this is the first picture I’ve ever seen of female wrestlers using whatever they can to make their opponent make a mistake. Matter of fact I think this might be bordering on rape or something because this is clearly not a recognized maneuver. Or at least I don’t think it is. What I am certain of though is that someone out there is probably jacking or jilling off to this. God bless the Interwebs.

Edit: Sometimes I seriously hate that I try to fact check things. Apparently this isn’t a new occurrence in wrestling. Some call it “checking the oil” or “butt drag”. Whatever it’s called, surprise butt sex is a dirty tactic and now I officially deem wrestling gay as mother fuck along with apparently the rest of the populous.

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