The Worst Song Ever?

There are a lot of bands out there with no talent. There are even more songs out there so horrible that it should be classified as torture to make someone listen to it. I’m sure most of you have listened to the radio, so you’ve probably been subject to that kind of torture before.

This particular song however, might just be the worst song ever to be played on the radio. I’m talking about the song “Music Is My Hot Hot Sex” by CSS (Cansei De Ser Sexy). I don’t how this song ever made it to the recording studio, much less out of someone’s head.

I know what you’re thinking, can the song really be worse than any Angel & Airwaves song? Yes, it can. Don’t believe me? Just check out some of the lyrics. If you need further proof – go look for an audio or video file of the song if you dare.

Music is my boyfriend
Music is my girlfriend
Music is my dead end
Music is my imaginary friend
Music is my brother
Music is my great-grand-daughter
Music is my sister
Music is my favorite mistress

From all the shit the one i gotta buy is music
From all the jobs the one i choose is music
From all the drinks the one i get drunk is music
From all the bitches the one i wannabe is music

Music is my beach house
Music is my hometown
Music is my kingsize bed
Music is my hot hot bath
Music is my hot hot sex
Music is my back rub
Music is where i’d like you to touch

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