Happy McValentine’s Day

Click to view biggie sizeAwww yea! I had me some McDonalds and just in time for Valentine’s Day, I got a heart shaped McNugget. Actually, I got this last year (Feb. 2006), but it’s probably still good right?

You know if I had an ebay account, this baby would be up there fetching a nice chunk of change from some whacky Valentine’s Day fanatic.

I couldn’t bring myself to eat it. Mostly because I was affraid I’d bite into it and it would actually be a chicken’s heart or something. I mean, we’ve all bitten into some fast food and found something with the completely wrong consistency being ground up in our mouths. That kind of stuff will make you re-think your diet.

I could save it and give it to my wife for Valentine’s Day, but instead I chose the “Message in a bottle” routine where I packaged it back up and tossed it in the trash. My theory is, just like a note shoved in a bottle at sea, my trash will find it’s way into some poor, hungry, homeless persons hands where they can take delight in the treasure they have just found. The choice is theirs, do they eat it or do they try to trade it for crack?