30 Days of Coldplay – Dear God

So recently I had been listening to this XM station – XM Music Lab on channel 51. It was pretty good, played a good mix of music including Pink Floyd and Primus, and not just the “popular” tracks either. I thought I found my new station! Then I realized that the channel I was listening to online was not on the device in my car. Figures.

I had no other choice but to accept the fact that I could only listen to that station over the Internet – fine. Fast forward a few days and I click on channel 51 and I hear Coldplay. I let it play figuring the next song will be better. Nope, it was another Coldplay song. So open up my XM channel list and look to see what’s on. Sure enough, they took away the Music Lab and replaced it with 30 Days of Coldplay! Damnit! Thanks XM, you asstards.

Then I thought to myself, does Coldplay even have that many songs that it could possibly warrant taking over a station for entire month? As it turns out, no – they don’t. I decided to give it a try, maybe there are some Coldplay songs that haven’t been used in an iPod commercial or something that I might like, after all there are a few Coldplay songs I don’t mind. In 1.5 hours I heard that shit-awful song “Viva la Vida” 2 times! I had heard them talking about how Chris Martin had helped Jay-Z with a song. That sounded interesting, but they never played it.

I want my Music Lab back. Coldplay may be good, but they’re not that good.