XM Radio’s Promotional Channels

Recently I posted about how I had just came across a nice little channel on XM Radio – channel 51. Soon after I had started checking that channel, they changed it to “30 Days of Coldplay” and I almost puked. I waited out the 30 days and sure enough they changed it.

Now it’s “Mandatory Metallica” which I can stand a whole hell of a lot more than Coldplay. The plus side of things is that you get to hear some of Metallica’s old / good stuff (1983 to 1988) – the stuff that rocked and is worth a shit. The rest of the crap (1991 – 2008) is just that, crap. I haven’t liked Metallica since their album “…And Justice for All” and from what I can tell, never will again. They sold out big time. There’s a fucking love ballad on their new album for shit-sakes. Their new stuff is so predictable, so cliche, and so untalented that you just can’t help but to cringe.

Anyways, the point is that I just found another new channel that didn’t used to be dedicated to any one band in particular. Now on channel 53 they have “AC/DC Radio” which as you can guess plays nothing but AC/DC. I’m sure this will change at some point, but the cool thing is that you can now listen to shitloads of AC/DC, good or bad.

Since XM Radio seems to dedicate channels to help promote some bands’ upcoming new releases, it has me wondering what in the blue fuck AC/DC could be coming out with besides a compilation album? So I decided to do a quick search and sure enough, AC/DC is releasing an album in this year 2008 called “Black Ice” due in mid October.

Son of a bitch. While I seem to be liking the dedication on certain channels to a band, I dislike that it’s for such a long period of time – which only means you get hear the songs everyone hates just that much more. I also don’t like that XM Radio so far only seems to do this for big bands with upcoming releases – which is basically just a marketing gimmick to help promote the bands’ new album.

At any rate, there it is. A channel dedicated to something new that you might sometimes enjoy and might not otherwise have known about.