I Give You Links

What your IT guys are doing
Now that’s some funny shit!

Typical Reaction to the Revelation That I Do Not Own a Cell Phone, By Year
This is probably very true.

I just can’t choose, they’re all hot!
P.S. These aren’t ninjas – just in case you were wondering.

Man pulls 375lb drowning bear out of the Gulf of Mexico
Bear wrastlin’ practice?

“Well, we fooled ’em for a long time, didn’t we?” (Zip the Pinhead)
It’s nice to think the guy knew exactly what he was doing.

America accused of stealing constitution from Ukraine
Ukraine’s Prime Minister is kinda hot in the picture (and bat-shit crazy.) But uh, open a bit wider please!

Don’t want to be a US citizen any longer? Bust out your checkbook.
Unfortunately, this isn’t all that surprising. Total bullshit, but not surprising – if the bill passes.