More of the Same From The Same People That Got Us Into This Mess

mcpigMany Republicans are saying that the new stimulus bill that has been proposed is full of “pork”, their favorite buzz word. They say that they are ready to support a stimulus package as long as it’s not “aimless”. Obama’s proper response “the same tired arguments and worn ideas that helped to create this crisis” is exactly what needed to be said. The same people that helped drive us into this crisis are the same people that are opposing certain portions of the package – causing yet even more delays and focusing on all the wrong things.

For example, a portion of the package would provide money for state governments (most of which are facing budget deficits) – Republicans are against this saying that this would not create new jobs. What these fools either fail to recognize or are trying to hide is that it will bring back some of the jobs that have been lost. For example, many bus routes are being cut. This will leave people who depend on the public transportation system to get back and forth to work, without a ride. This will hurt not only them, but this will trickle down in the local economy as well. So a stimulus package that gives a portion of that money to state and local governments would certainly help to bring back the jobs lost from cutting the bus routes and help save a portion of the local economy. Yet Republicans are against this because those aren’t all new jobs?

These people have no clue how to run a government, that’s why we’re in the position we are now. And they expect people to take their recommendations when all they do is spout the same old rhetoric as always? They’re too blind to see that they will be bringing back old jobs that have been lost. It’s not really all the surprising once we look at the Republican track record. Let them piss and moan, but please – do not take their advice, it’s worthless.