Douche Baldwin

Since the last round of elections, I was convinced that voting is just a ploy to make people think they have some amount of control. I had these feelings before, but never were they so prevalent. Election fraud is more in your face than ever before. That is why when the Republican party announced John McCain as their pick for potential President candidate, I immediately told my wife that she was looking at our next President. I tried to explain to her that if only 10 people were allowed to vote, and 9 of them chose Obama, McCain would still be made the next President.

So not too long after that, the media – being as they are – gave us a list of some Hollywood celebrities that endorsed either candidate. You know, the hard hitting investigative reporting the main stream media has come to be known for. Not long after that, we were presented with an interview with Stephen Baldwin openly supporting McCain and claiming that if Obama won, he would leave the United States and claiming that Obama was a “cultural terrorist.”

My god, my heart fluttered with anticipation. Not only was I surprised he could put those two words together, but his conviction also made me smile. It was one of his finest acting moments, pretending to know what the fuck he was talking about. I immediately wanted Obama to win even more. I mean, not only would the next President not be on his death-bed and living in the past, but we’d get rid of the most horrible Baldwin brother of them all! That’s a win-win situation in my book.

Please, let’s all do our part and rid ourselves of any more possible horrible movies from Douche Baldwin.