Diet of the Future: Tainted Foods

mr_yuck.bmpGood news for everyone who go on diets. Pretty soon no food will be edible.

In this day and age, you would think that foods would be getting safer for consumption. Instead, we hear of more and more food recalls than I can remember ever being in the past.

That’s what happens when companies use third world countries for cheap goods and services. Government agencies don’t monitor everything, it’s only after there’s a problem when they come in to play.

And here you thought you just had to worry about “trans fats”.

Feds: Millions have eaten chickens fed tainted pet food
[via CNN]

China admits tainted food link
[via USA Today]

Peanut Butter May be Contaminated With Salmonella
[via FDA]

Lettuce suspected in Taco Bell E. Coli
[via The Associated Press]

2007 pet food crisis
[via Wikipedia]

Tainted Chinese Imports Common