How Old Is 15, Really?

It’s been long enough since Chappelle has been plastered all over TV that I now find this routine funny again. And honestly, it’s a bit insightful as well. The majority of kids now-a-days seem to be getting dumber by the second. Granted, not all of them, but the majority are lacking so many simple thought processes that it scares the living shit out of most of us. Who wants a dumb-shit for kid? Sure, they’ll make mistakes, but when it is crunch time – you want a smart kid.

Google Sucks as a Dictionary

I know. Google isn’t meant to be a dictionary.
But they do offer the “define:” feature, and they also offer spelling suggestions in most cases. Since I’ve become accustomed to using Google by default – I expect to find the results I’m looking for.

Recently, I misspelled the word “misogyny” and used the define feature “define: masoginy“. I got back nothing and no spelling suggestions. I could understand if I was so far off that any dictionary would tell me to go die in a fire, but damn man – I thought I was close. It’s as if Google was saying to me, “Look, I’ve searched, and whatever you typed – I have no idea.” It reminded me of Bill Burr’s joke about spell check.