I can appreciate most all the acronyms that have arisen since the “Internet age”. But for crying out loud, it’s been out of hand for far too long now. And while I may not condone all of it, or get frustrated by some of it – I still feel as if the “new stuff” is making me more stupid somehow.

A little background:
When I began my “Internet endeavor” in 1991, people weren’t using all the acronyms they are now – no where near. The first I was exposed to was:

  • LOL
  • BRB
  • AFK

I could even stand the ones that evolved into or came much later, such as:

  • JK
  • OMG
  • WTF
  • FTW

The one’s I never liked and never will are:

  • L8TER (or any variation using numbers)
  • B4 (or CU, CYA, or any variation of using “C” as “see”)
  • M$ (because that’s gay)

There you have it. Live by my opinion.