Seriously, Stop That!

I can’t believe in this day and age that you can still visit a site that wants to take control of your main browser window by resizing it. Are you kidding me? That shit went out as soon as it came in. It’s totally annoying and way too intrusive. I can understand doing this to a popup window, but a main window? No! Typically websites entirely in Flash violate this rule more than any other, however I’ve been noticing a few other relatively high profile sites doing this crap. Once it happens to me, I’ll never visit that site again.

Another gripe I have is websites that use fonts that are unreadable unless you’re using ClearType. Not everybody uses it dipshits. Matter of fact I’d be willing to bet most people don’t use it. Just stop, or I’ll never read another damned thing you write – because I can’t without straining my eyes until it feels like I’m having forks jabbed in them.

Just these two examples alone make me feel like I’m bitching about midi music in the background of a web page, or animated cursors on a web page. That’s how ridiculous these things are and nobody should be implementing them. So stop.

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