Mishaps During Live News

Local news usually sucks, but these people add some spice to it by being total idiots. Either way, it’s laughs for us and maybe even a pink slip for them.

Makes you wonder if postal workers are the crazy ones.

Videos after the jump.

CNN Weatherman Outburst
Weatherman Chad gets upset when Anchorwoman Carol Costello interrupts his Hurricane Katrina update. Nice going, Carol.

Weatherman Flips Out
Calm down, pal. No one pays attention to the weather anyway.

News Anchor Freudian Slip
A news anchor is talking about Jennifer Lopez and slips his words. He meant to say curb job but didn’t.

Top Cock on FOX
Jane Skinner from FOX News says “top cock” instead of “top cop.”

CNN’s Kyra Phillips Forgets to Turn Off Mic
On August 29, 2006, during a CNN broadcast of President George W. Bush’s speech on the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s landfall, Kyra’s microphone was left on while she was in the bathroom. Portions of a personal conversation were broadcast live for over a minute and a half, during which Phillips offered advice on men, criticized her sister-in-law for being a “control freak,” and praised her husband. CNN later apologized for the on-air gaffe.

News Anchor Drops The F Bomb
KSN-TV Wichita sports director Jim Kobbe had become frustrated with technical problems during the 6:00 p.m. newscast and shouted the F-word at a technical director as a pre-recorded feature was being played on the air.

Bert Blyleven Drops F-Bomb
Not realizing that he’s on live TV, the famed curveballer drops a couple of F-Bombs during a Yankees-Twins game.

“Go F**k Yourself, Mr. Cheney”
A protestor interrupts Dick Cheney’s press conference in Mississippi with a rude expletive. At least he was nice enough to refer to him as “Mr. Cheney.”

Hey Babe, We’re Live
The news anchor switches over to a news reporter in the field however, the news reporter thinks she is just doing a take and didn’t realize this shot was live.

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