Dogs Greeting Soldier After Returning from 14 Months in Iraq

This is a heart warming video of a man being greeted by his dogs after returning home from Iraq after being gone 14 months.

An accompanying comment caught my eye:

Anecdotal evidence here, but nonetheless…

My grandfather was a farmer (the small, farmer’s market type farmer) who owned a blue heeler that he used for cattle herding. Anyway, every single morning just after the crack of dawn, my grandfather would get in his truck, the dog would jump in the back, and they’d drive a couple of miles down the road into “town” where he’d stop at a little breakfast joint and shoot the shit with all of the other older folks in the area. His dog would sit patiently in the back of his truck, wagging his tail the whole time. Anyway, my grandfather died almost two years ago, and his dog passed away about a month ago. But that dog was in the back of my grandfather’s truck at the crack of dawn every single damn morning until he died. For over 18 months, that dog would wait in the back of the truck for several hours, just hoping that his best friend was going to come and take him for a ride. My grandmother actually only kept the truck because she was so happy to see the dog waiting day after day, month after month, for her husband to return.

I’m sorry, but that’s just incredible. The loyalty of dogs can be astounding.

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