Anti-Piracy Ads Cause Piracy

I couldn’t agree more with this guy’s post.

Never before was there as good a reason to pirate movies as the (really really bad) anti-piracy ads I have to sit through when I’ve bought an original DVD.

Seriously, I paid for the damn movie – can I just watch the thing without having to sit through 30 minutes of all the fear and intimidation ads? Nope, I can’t. They don’t let you fast forward, skip to the menu, or any of that – you just have to sit there and watch the crap scroll slowly across the screen, usually in more than 1 language.

Then you get to sit through ads for the 84 different production companies involved with the movie you’re about to watch. By the time the movie actually starts to play, you’re completely pissed off, need to take a piss and get a refill on your beverage.

It’s enough to make one want to get a pirated copy of the movie without all the annoying bullshit they cram on the beginning of the DVD.

Shitball Anti-Piracy Ads Blow

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