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Many people try to play the “why not just link to the original content” card regarding “blogs”. It is true, many blog authors get information from a source and pass it off as their own information.

Regarding this particular blog, in many cases the source is directly linked, if not – another source is usually given. However, sometimes the original source cannot or has not been found, or I am the originator of the content. At the same time, the post is considered to be important enough to preserve. Therefore, a post may be written here and not provide an original source. Credit can and will be given if someone can prove the original source.

That scenario is not a bad thing, yet people try to make it a bad thing. Many sources of information disappear. Maybe because the source does not have an online space that was maintained. Maybe the source doesn’t exist anymore, maybe it has been re-moved or moved somewhere else after the fact, maybe it has been deleted, etc.

In those cases, it’s nice to know that the information is still here and available to access by others. Sources are typically given, linked to directly, or quoted. In cases where sources are not given, and you don’t like that – too bad. This information is here for everyone, and it is better to preserve that information than not. Missing information sucks, especially when you are trying to refer to it. If you cannot live with that fact – the simple solution is for you to leave.

While no complaints about this situation have been submitted at this point, it is better to address the possible issues before they happen.

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