Video Taping Police

Recently, the ACLU handed out some video cameras to residents of St. Louis (Source: MSNBC) to help monitor police after complaints of misconduct.

Related to this is a story about video taping police (Source: FoxNews) describing several incidents where people have been arrested for “wiretapping”, a law that forbids audio recordings of any second party without their permission. Except of course the police and government are allowed to video tape you, but you may not tape them.

As noted, police are public servants, paid with taxpayer dollars. Not only that, but they’re given extraordinary power and authority we don’t give to other public servants: They’re armed; they can make arrests; they’re allowed to break the very laws they’re paid to enforce; they can use lethal force for reasons other than self-defense; and, of course, the police are permitted to videotape us
without our consent.

Our country is getting to be more and more of a police state everyday. What will it take for the citizens to finally come together and revolt against our repression and take back the freedoms we were supposed to have? This is yet another piece of evidence that shows our country has gone to shit and we need to take it back.

Stupid Anti-Car Protesters

These assholes deserve to have their bikes run over, and should be arrested for harassment.

Why do you have to be so violent?, Why? Tell me why?

Because you’re an asshole and think that everyone should obey what you say. Get the fuck out of the way and stop trying to intimidate these old people. I love how these douche bags wouldn’t move, and then are surprised when the old man is forced to try and start driving. What is he supposed to do? Ditch his vehicle right there, kick one you smelly fucks off your bike and peddle his wife & himself out of town?