Where Is Hollywood Going?

To here: Sudan, 1993 – Famine victim in a feeding center. Reminiscent of the Holocaust? This image, while sickening – shows not only the plight of the world, but also I believe makes a statement (extreme as it is) about perceived beauty. How long until Hollywood stops promoting girls’ bodies that look like little boys, to something more drastic – closer to this. I’m sure we all hope it would never go that far, but let history speak for itself.

Famine Victim

Worst Ice Cream Flavors Ever

Garlic Ice CreamSeveral weeks ago while eating lunch, someone had mentioned garlic ice cream. Of course everyone cringed, then I mentioned popcorn ice cream. Both of these flavors of ice cream do actually exist – believe it or not. So that got me thinking of some of the worst ice cream flavors.

The other day, my wife ordered a veggie sandwich for lunch and was mistakenly given another persons order. It wasn’t until she got back to work that she found she had a sandwich filled with steak and onions, pretty much the exact opposite of what she wanted.

As I listened to her be pissed at her sandwich, I started teasing her about onions – and that’s when it came to me… onion ice cream! Oh man, that makes my stomach turn just thinking about it. Before I started to make a list of the most horrific ice cream flavors, I decided to see if someone had beat me to it. And thanks to the Internet, they in fact did.

I present to you, 101 Frightening Ice Cream Flavors From Around The World.