Projector Graffiti

This would be pretty cool to play with.

The simple explanation is that it’s a cellphone paired to a mac using proprietary software, custom scripting and graphics, and then the results are displayed through a projector connected to the computer. The whole system is mobile and with the right projector/beamer, quite bright.

[Source: TXTual Healing]

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Toronto’s Smallest House Is Back On Sale

Do you like quaint and cozy surroundings? This just might be the place for you.

Built in 1912, the pint-size “Little House” features one bedroom, a kitchen with folding table and chairs, a living room and a full, if narrow, bathroom. With a living area of just 300 square feet, it was bought and renovated this year, and is back on the market for C$173,000 ($172,000).

By the time of this posting, apparently this tiny house has been sold.

Toronto’s Smallest House